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Groved Filt Board :

golden groove board


Standard Size : 45x60, 60x90, 90x120cm.

Perforated Boards :

  • Very popularly Known as Menu Board/Welcome/ Display Board used in offices/Hotels/Auditorium and Public places for Display Information.
  • Plastic Letters & Figures are available in English in differsnt Sizes:12mm/18mm/24mm/36mm.
  • Following the instructions provided, any person can manage this task easily and safely install the board on the wall using spares supplied inside each board.

Lobby Information Board :

  • Very popularly known as menu board/ welcome/ Display board.
  • Used in offices/hotels/Auditorium & public places for display information.
  • Groove Board velvet colours available Red, maroon & Black.
  • Golden Letters & figures are available in 18mm/ 24mm/ 36mm in English only.
  • Golden stand Made of MS metal with angular cut

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